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We leverage family office intelligence for investors, family offices, advisors and businesses interested in opportunities between China and Australia. Our unique capabilities span across investment management, targeted asset allocation, family office services and capital raising & corporate finance.

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We empower family offices in Australia and China through a connective approach. Our platform offers our family offices, investors and advisors a forum for investment, insights, and collaboration, creating a robust and sustainable ecosystem with superior outcomes to traditional matchmaking channels.

Using our digital platform gives you first access to exclusive opportunities and allows you to manageall of your investments in one place. Our members Platform is available by invitation.

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We offer a values-driven solution for family offices and investors interested in opportunities between China and Australia with capabilities across industries and access to unique investments.

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Investment Opportunities

Our fifty years of transaction experience and our long-standing partnerships with Australia’sand China’s premiere family-offices enables us to find the right opportunities.

Co-investment With Family Offices

Invest in property, global funds, Private Equity and VC opportunities alongside leading family offices in Australia.

BFA Fund Management

We offer low risk multi-asset targeted return solutions with a focus on principal protection.

Greater China Investment Strategies

Our unique vantage point in China allows you to developa deep understanding of the investment landscape to help you choose the right partners, investment and fund managers.

Trusted partners are challenging to find.

Established and emerging family offices face the challenge of finding trusted partners with long-term investment and family-driven mindsets. BF&A has the values, relationships, and experience to offer our community vetted and otherwise inaccessible opportunities.


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  本周博志的创始合伙人Jonathan(强森)给大家分享了家族办公室中风险管理的观点和建议,在当前不稳定的全球经济环境下,家族办公室如何实现投资管理? ·实现家族投资管理的重要部分是风险管理,越是不确定的经济因素,家族办公室越要选择长期稳健增长的资产组合。 ·从历史轨迹来看,成功的家族办公室更倾向于让资产自然地流动发展,而不是投机。 ·我们认为,于家族办公室而言,将固定收益,另类投资,定制私募和风头基金更好的分配是当前管理资产最好的方式。 Please scan the WeChat to contact us directly on our dedicated members only channel.