In a chaotic world, trusted partners are challenging to find

Established and emerging family offices face the challenge of finding trusted partners with a long-term investment mindset.

The team at Belz Family & Associates have the knowledge, insight and expertise to help build lasting relationships and long-term success.

The Opportunity

A Platform for sharing knowledge

A complete family office solution

Invest alongside leading family offices

A pathway to trusted and validated partners


We are a family office.

A community enabled
by a technology platform.

A community with shared values.

A platform for our partners to build
a connected family office community
across Australia, Asia and China.

Generating for generations


By harvesting an illiquidity premium investors can achieve superior risk-adjusted yields and all-in returns by gaining access to differentiated exposures.

Australia-China relations are characterised by strong social, economic and trade ties. While Australia is a leading source of resources for China, more recent trends show that […]

Family office creation is occuring rapidly in China and we believe that paying attention to multi-generational wealth transfer makes sense from day one, not as an after-thought!