Our Story

Inspired by our own family journey we have come together to develop the opportunity between Chinese and Australian families.

First Chinese immigrant family arrives in Australia

Oskar Belz (Jonathan's grandfather) escapes Nazi Germany and lives in the Shanghai 'Ghetto' for 5 years.

Jonathan completes HSK 6 (the highest level of Chinese language fluency) within one year. This is an achievement so rare it is recognised in the media

Jonathan joins the Victor Smorgon group, reporting to CEO Peter Edwards, to focus on opportunities with Chinese investors

Jonathan and Gavin co-found Belz Family and Associates to focus on the opportunities between Chinese and Australian families


Strategy Advisor


Investment Manager

Advisory board

Max He

Max is the founder of Ediali, a rapidly growing and successful wealth management fintech platform in China. Max was named Forbes top 30 under 30 and is widely recognized as a leader in technology and finance in China. BF&A is a member of Edaili’s exclusive E-Club for CEO’s and company founders in China.

Peter Edwards

Peter is CEO and Chairman of Victor Smorgon Group, one of Australia’s most prominent family offices. VSG has business interests across Property, Agriculture, Resources, Retail, as well as, significant Venture Capital and Private Equity investments. BF&A was borne during Jonathan’s tenure at VSG as he and Peter collaborated on ideas around the opportunity in the Australian and Chinese family office ecosystem.

Gary Cheung

Gary is an advisor to leading Chinese and Australian families. Previously Gary spent 13 years as a Partner at Deloitte Private focused on Chinese private wealth. Gary is a leading advisor to families on complex cross-border tax structuring, corporate strategy and family office financial strategies.


BF&A is part of an exclusive CEO and Founder club run by China VC/Wealth Management leaders. This trip to Chengdu was the first event participated in by BF&A founder Jonathan Belz

China technology enabled wealth management platform leader Edaili becomes BF&A’s strategic seed round investor in 2019, supporting the growth of a family office ecosystem between Australia and China.