Spot oil goes negative: why are we here and where do we go? 

Early this week the front month WTI contract traded as low as -$US45 due to a combination of short-term trading factors and long-term issues in global energy. The reason for the near-term price action is easily understood; global oil storage capacity is full so there is nowhere for excess oil to go and, […]

Return to a (new) normal in China

As China returns to work and a ‘new normal’ is formed, we are starting to see a more concrete picture of what a post-COVID-19 looks like […]

Covid-19 Part 2: Debt issuance in China supports the market

Early in the Covid-19 crisis we wrote that the silver lining might lie in Chinese equity markets. Our view then was that the huge liquidity injection by the Chinese government would more than offset the transitory economic impact of coronavirus.
Low cost debt issuance for the purpose of ‘epidemic prevention and control’ efforts has raised over $34 billion over the month of February at low interest rates.

Covid-19 crisis: potential silver lining

Global equities, and particularly Asia-Pacific markets, have been volatile on the back of coronavirus. Consensus is for a significant impact to Chinese GDP in the 1st […]

Private Debt: An opportunity for sophisticated investors

By harvesting an illiquidity premium investors can achieve superior risk-adjusted yields and all-in returns by gaining access to differentiated exposures.

More than Iron Ore: Australia and China

Australia-China relations are characterised by strong social, economic and trade ties. While Australia is a leading source of resources for China, more recent trends show that […]

Younger and Faster: Chinese Family Office growth

Family office creation is occuring rapidly in China and we believe that paying attention to multi-generational wealth transfer makes sense from day one, not as an after-thought!