25th June- 家族办公室 – 如何实现家族风险管理?

  本周博志的创始合伙人Jonathan(强森)给大家分享了家族办公室中风险管理的观点和建议,在当前不稳定的全球经济环境下,家族办公室如何实现投资管理? ·实现家族投资管理的重要部分是风险管理,越是不确定的经济因素,家族办公室越要选择长期稳健增长的资产组合。 ·从历史轨迹来看,成功的家族办公室更倾向于让资产自然地流动发展,而不是投机。 ·我们认为,于家族办公室而言,将固定收益,另类投资,定制私募和风头基金更好的分配是当前管理资产最好的方式。 Please scan the WeChat to contact us directly on our dedicated members only channel.

02 July – Investments Insights – Online Education

Online Education as an Investment Theme

Spot oil goes negative: why are we here and where do we go? 

Early this week the front month WTI contract traded as low as -$US45 due to a combination of short-term trading factors and long-term issues in global energy. The reason for the near-term price action is easily understood; global oil storage capacity is full so there is nowhere for excess oil to go and, […]

Return to a (new) normal in China

As China returns to work and a ‘new normal’ is formed, we are starting to see a more concrete picture of what a post-COVID-19 looks like […]

Covid-19 crisis: potential silver lining

Global equities, and particularly Asia-Pacific markets, have been volatile on the back of coronavirus. Consensus is for a significant impact to Chinese GDP in the 1st […]

Private Debt: An opportunity for sophisticated investors

By harvesting an illiquidity premium investors can achieve superior risk-adjusted yields and all-in returns by gaining access to differentiated exposures.

More than Iron Ore: Australia and China

Australia-China relations are characterised by strong social, economic and trade ties. While Australia is a leading source of resources for China, more recent trends show that […]

Younger and Faster: Chinese Family Office growth

Family office creation is occuring rapidly in China and we believe that paying attention to multi-generational wealth transfer makes sense from day one, not as an after-thought!